Specialty Brands Aid Bottled Water Growth…. #foodies #foodie #lifestyle


U.S. bottled water volume grew 7 percent in 2014, putting it on track to outsell soda by 2017, according to forecasts by Beverage Marketing Corp.

Between 2000 and 2014, per capita bottled-water consumption more than doubled to 34.02 gallons, while soda fell to 39.92 gallons from 53.17 gallons.

Sales of bottled water are inching closer to soda at $18.82 billion last year, compared with $36.87 billion for soda, according to Euromonitor.

Specialty water brands are gaining ground, with companies like Actual Water, People Water, and HappyWater looking to increase the profit margins of the drink. Many brands use unusual bottle designs, exotic minerals, and alternative sources like maple water and cactus water to add value to the product, reports The Wall Street Journal.


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