Hot Sauce Finds Mainstream Success…. #foodies #foodie #hotsauce

Hot Sauce, USA

Where once was Tabasco, there is now Sriracha, Cholula, and Gochujang. This is what the condiment aisle says about American consumers.

Ted Chung is a man who has thought long and hard about hot sauce. “It’s something I take very personally and spiritually,” the founder of Cashmere, a marketing agency that targets multicultural millennials, tells Fast Company.

As the son of Korean immigrants to the U.S., he noticed as far back as the 1970s that his parents put Tabasco on absolutely everything, wherever they ate. “They were longing for the spiciness that is common in Asian foods,” he says. “At the time, Tabasco was the primary hot sauce available to them. It became the temporary replacement that allowed them to experience all the pleasure that capsicum can bring.

Today, the Chungs don’t have to rely solely on Tabasco for their hit of heat. WhileTabasco accounts for 18% of the hot sauce market, there are now hundreds of hot sauces available in the U.S., many based on the flavors of particular ethnic cuisines. <Full Story Courtesy Specialty Foods newsletter


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