In time for Labor Day cookouts… #bbq #foodie #foodies

Whether homemade or a doctored store version, #barbecue sauce makes the meal….

In an interview we did with the #Chicago Daily Herald newspaper the topic of sauce was discussed,  here’s what we said;

By Deborah Pankey

Daily Herald Correspondent

Brushing a tangy sauce onto a rack of baby backs might be the last thing you do before those ribs make their way to the table, but that does not mean sauce should be the last thing you think about.

Quite the contrary. Choosing a sauce to reflect the flavors you want to feature — Asian, African, Southwest, Memphis-style — should be in the forefront of your mind as you plan a summer cookout. You don’t want a smoky sauce to overpower planked sea bass or too peppery of a blend to clash with the fruit salad.

But before we get too far into this discussion, let’s define barbecue sauce. It is not a marinade (pre-soak), a mop (a thin baste) or a paste (a wet rub).

“Barbecue sauce is a condiment,” says Larry Gerber, aka The Barbeque Man. The former Elgin resident moved his catering business to Rockton, and maintains his office in Wauconda. “It’s the last thing you’re going to apply.”

Full Story >>


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