Legislation Proposed to Ban Sugary Drinks for Minors…. #foodies #foodie #soda #kids

New York Assemblyman Matthew Titone, D-Staten Island, is proposing legislation that would ban the sale of sugary drinks 16 ounces or larger to minors.

The bill points to the role of sugar in America’s obesity problem, especially among children. It will most likely be similar to a another bill that was also introduced by Titone to add warning labels to sugar-sweetened beverages. The warning is expected to say “Safety Warning: Consumer food items and beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.”

Beverages with added sugars that contain 75 calories or more per 12 fluid ounces and food items containing 75 calories or more per 4 ounces would have the warning label, and it is expected the same rules would apply for the ban for minors.

The bill currently has no Senate sponsor. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, D-Bronx, also proposed a nearly identical bill in January, which also has no Senate sponsor, reports Houston Chronicle. 

http://www.chron.com/local/article/Ban-plan-for-sale-of-sweet-pop-6470312.php  << Full Story


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