Survey: Chain Retailers Don’t Stock Enough Local Products…. #local #foodies #foodie

Eighty-five percent of American shoppers find buying local important, and more than one-third would pay a premium of 15-30 percent for local items, according to a survey by Precima.

Additionally, 82 percent are prepared to increase their monthly grocery spending if local options become more available, and 87 percent are more inclined to buy local if they know the story behind the producer.

Sixty percent of respondents believe chain stores don’t have enough local items and 42 percent said they do not highlight locally produced items well.

Most shoppers would like local products to be stocked alongside traditional items, while only 28 percent said local items should have a breakout section, and even fewer would like to see end-of-aisle displays.

Shoppers who don’t buy local said it is not because of price, but because they don’t have time to distinguish between local and non-local and there is less variety of local products.

Courtesy Specialty Foods Newsletter


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