From Dock To Dish: A New Model Connects Chefs To Local Fishermen…. #foodies #foodie

Nearly 100 pounds of gleaming, fresh-caught California yellowtail and white sea bass arrived at Chef Michael Cimarusti’s Los Angeles-based restaurant Providence on Wednesday morning. But this wasn’t just another ho-hum seafood delivery.

The pile of fish marks an important step toward a fundamentally different way that prominent chefs are beginning to source American seafood: the restaurant-supported fishery.

Call it an evolutionary leap from community-supported-agriculture programs, which support local farmers, and community-supported fisheries, which support small-scale fishermen. Both models rely on members who share the risks of food production by pre-buying weekly subscriptions.

But chefs buy seafood in quantities that dwarf what individuals or families can purchase, so restaurant-supported fisheries could take the concept to a whole new level.

Cimarusti is acting as the pilot chef for California’s first such fishery, run by an organization called @docktofish. To start, Cimarusti has agreed to buy at least 300 pounds of whole, unprocessed, fresh seafood a month from 16 Santa Barbara-based fishermen participating in the program — approximately a four-day supply for his restaurant.  >> Full Story >>   Courtesy Specialty Foods newsletter & NPR CLARE LESCHIN-HOAR


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