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Protein for kids: Clif Bar describes its new Clif Kid Zbar Protein, with 5 g protein/serving, as “a delicious whole-grain protein snack made with nutritious building blocks for kids’ growing bodies…so kids can keep zipping and zooming along.”
Global cereal bar launches nearly doubled over the past five years, according to Innova Market Insights tracking. Continued double-digit growth reflects not only the rising demand for these convenient, nutritious snacks and meal replacements, but also the variety of formats, ingredients, and target markets available to companies today.

The European market takes credit for the highest number of launches overall (about one-third of the total launches in 2014), but this mainly has to do with the large number of countries in the region. In actuality, the United States dominates the market and accounted for a significant 26% of total global introductions in 2014. U.S. marketers tend to lead product development in what is otherwise a relatively mature and complex market.

 Bar Attributes

What does the nutrition bar market look like today? It encompasses a wide range of products, including granola or muesli bars and breakfast bars, as well as nutrition bars and energy and performance bars. What’s more, combining different bar attributes and blurring these categorical distinctions is another way marketers are differentiating themselves.

While convenient snacking is the key feature driving the cereal bars market overall, healthfulness is also a major factor. Health appeal is not only important for nutrition and performance bars, including sports and energy products, but also for bars that are marketed as a healthier snack alternative to products such as confectionery, biscuits, and cakes. More than 80% of global cereal bar launches were positioned on a health platform of some kind in 2014, rising to over 90% in the United States alone. Health claims ranged from the passive (natural, organic, low calorie, etc.) to the active (vitamin fortified, digestive health, weight management, etc.).

 More Customers

The nutrition and performance bar category was at one time confined primarily to specialized products for athletes and other active consumers. But dynamic growth in the market over the past decade or so is largely attributed to a move mainstream, primarily in the United States. In short, bars are now much more widely available and consumed on a more casual basis by a broad range of consumers looking for healthier and more portable snacks to support active lifestyles.

At the same time, sub-categories in the market are increasingly blurring as health and performance ingredients are added to more mainstream cereal and granola bars to promote a healthier image while specialized products move to a more general health positioning designed to appeal to a wider audience.

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