Cask Beers Catch On in U.S… #beer #beverages #foodies #tailgating

Cask beers are gaining popularity across the U.S. The traditional British style, also called real ale, is served from a wooden barrel kept at cellar temperature, rather than chilled. It contains active yeast. The result is a warmer, slightly fat beer that fans claim produces flavors that are more subtle than beer that is kept cold.

The trend was initially slow to catch on, as serving cask beer requires a hand pump that pours more slowly and gently than a pressurized keg. However, both breweries and craft beer bars are now embracing the style.

While cask beer only accounts for 1 percent of the craft industry’s output, sales have risen 350 percent in the past five years, according to Paul Pendyck, a cask beer serving equipment distributor, reports The Wall Street Journal. 

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Courtesy Specialty Food Magazine


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