Snacking Habits Of #Millennial #Parents Are Shaping The Category For Future Generations…. #foodie #foodies

The definition of snacking is continuously evolving; it is no longer constrained to just moments of indulgence. According to Nielsen’s most recent global survey on the topic, Snack Attack, snacking will grow to be a $375 billion worldwide industry. There are many reasons people snack, but globally, two themes are prominent.

  1. Enjoyment. 75% of the world consumes snacks to satisfy hunger or cravings in between meals.
  2. Nutrition. 63% of the world’s consumers snack for nutritional reasons.

Brad Hana, an expert in consumer packaged goods, has studied the industry and has noticed similar trends emerging among a millennial audience that align with the Nielson findings. Millennial Mindset consumers are now shifting their mindset towards snacking for the purpose of healthy, mindful eating.

While Millennials aren’t the only consumers changing the snacking landscape, they do play a large role in the future of snackingand, as parents, they greatly influence how the next generation will define it as well. In the U.S., there are 11.6 million Millennial households with children. Everyday, these parents are making decisions in the grocery aisle and at-home that will impact what snacks their family is eating.

Let’s take a quick look at some overall snacking trends:

  • Meal replacements that are low-prep and prepackaged with little to no clean up are in high demand
  • High-protein snack choices like lean meat, nuts and granola bars are generating more buzz in the social health space
  • Better-for-you snacks like fruit, bars and veggies are replacing snacks with higher fat and sugar content  << Full Story Courtesy of Specialty Food Magazine


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