High Beef Costs Limit Antibiotic-Free Growth…. #bbq #foodies #foodie

High Beef Costs Limit Antibiotic-Free Growth

High cattle and beef prices are hampering efforts to get the beef industry to adopt antibiotic reforms.

Financial incentives for cattle ranchers to switch to natural production have been lacking, and the situation has been compounded by a prolonged drought in the Southern Plains that shrank the nation’s herd in 2014 to its smallest in about 60 years.

While natural, organic, and grass-fed beef varieties earn between 30 percent and 80 percent more per pound than conventional meat, ranchers also face greater costs and paperwork, and most undergo audits and other standards.

While Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, and McDonald’s Corp. have curtailed antibiotic use in U.S. poultry, changing antibiotics protocols in the beef industry has proven more difficult.

http://www.wsj.com/articles/beefs-meaty-profits-slow-effort-to-boost-antibiotic-free-production-1442309400  << Full Story courtesy Specialty Food Magazine


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