California Buys Into WHO Meat Propaganda….

By Tom Polansek and P.J. Huffstutter Reuters – California is examining new World Health Organization findings to determine whether to add red meat and foods like hot dogs, sausages and bacon to a cancer-alert list, setting the stage for a potential battle with the meat industry over warning labels. The inclusion of meat and processed… Continue reading California Buys Into WHO Meat Propaganda….

Like Salmon?? Majority Mislabeled….

Oceana released a new study that reveals mislabeling of one of America’s favorite fish—salmon. Oceana collected 82 salmon samples from restaurants and grocery stores and found that 43 percent were mislabeled. DNA testing confirmed that most of the mislabeling [69 percent] consisted of farmed Atlantic salmon being sold as wild-caught product. “Americans might love salmon, but as… Continue reading Like Salmon?? Majority Mislabeled….

Wine Ideas For Your Halloween Soirée….

Restaurateurs growing a wine list should know how to satisfy both the casual drinker and the connoisseur. Any discussion of wine quality must begin with a distinction between commodity wines and premium or fine wines. Commodity wines usually sell for under $15, although the “commercial premium” sector is growing rapidly and pricier wines will increasingly… Continue reading Wine Ideas For Your Halloween Soirée….

Weekend, Tailgate, Halloween Beverage Choices….

Brewer portfolio diversification continues with several jumping into the growing hard soda category. While Chicago’s Berghoff Rowdy Root Beer and Sprecher from Glendale, WI, have followings where distributed, Small Town Brewing (owned by Pabst Brewing Co.) drew serious attention to hard sodas this summer with the strong sales of its Not Your Father’s Root Beer.… Continue reading Weekend, Tailgate, Halloween Beverage Choices….

A Great Cocktail is Made With Premium Mixers….

Premium mixers are a priority for maintaining the quality of craft cocktails. This blogger totally agrees! You see I’m a professionally trained mixologist and always made delicious mixers and the nightclub owners I was employed by always purchased top notch garnishment and mixes to make a quality cocktail. And I said cocktail, not a drink!… Continue reading A Great Cocktail is Made With Premium Mixers….

So, Now According to Law Any Swill is Craft Beer??

Blue Moon is a craft beer now. Budweiser is a craft beer. You’re a craft beer. Everything is craft beer for now. That’s the de facto ruling from a U.S. District Court now that a class action lawsuit has been dismissed attempting to call out MillerCoors for labeling Blue Moon (which they produce at a… Continue reading So, Now According to Law Any Swill is Craft Beer??

Is Non-GMO Certification Required On All Foods??

By George Pontiakos For an ingredient like corn at high risk of containing GMOs, non-GMO testing makes sense. But does it make sense for other ingredients for which the risk of containing GMOs is far, far lower? Photo © U.S. headlines are filled with news of the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of… Continue reading Is Non-GMO Certification Required On All Foods??