Grow Your Own Produce Garden….Foodscaping

At Debbie Goldwasser’s home in the San Francisco area, the grass was brown, sacrificed to the drought that’s slowly suffocating California. But, she and her husband wondered, might there be a landscaping alternative both sustainable and practical?

Meanwhile, Sean Eastwood, a chef in the same Bay city as Goldwasser, was grappling with dead landscaping undermining his restaurant’s name, Tender Greens. He needed a solution, one befitting his establishment.

Goldwasser and Eastman both found their answers in foodscaping, in which the plants decorating a property can be eaten. It’s a facet of the growing trend of urban farming, which ranges is scale from a lot-sized community garden to potted herbs in a windowsill.

Full Story by Mike Branom

Courtesy of The Daily Beast 》》》》


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