Why 30 World Leaders Ate a Lunch Made Out of Trash This Weekend….


Food waste is a huge problem. A staggering problem, in fact; a recent plethora of studies concerning the massive amount of food we toss out has revealed that a full one-third of all food in the US goes to waste. That equates to about 2.8 trillion pounds, or enough to feed some 3 billion people, and comes out to about 20 pounds per person per month. The shame of this degree of waste is compounded by the fact that hunger still a major problem worldwide, and about one out of nine people on the planet is undernourished.

This inefficiency and excess has become so problematic that President Obama, in accordance with the US Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency, announced earlier this month that these groups would be putting forth targeted measures in efforts to cut the rate of food waste in half by 2030. The European Union has also funded a similar research project with the aim of reducing the EU’s food waste by 30 percent by the year 2025.

With this in mind, the organizers of yesterday’s United Nations summit in New York decided to bring this issue to the table … literally.

At the event, which brought together 30 leaders from around the world including French President François Hollande and Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, chefs presented guests with a lunch that was entirely created from food scraps that would normally end up in wastebaskets—and eventually, landfills. The menu was fully vegetarian and wasn’t shy about the nature of its ingredients, with names for dishes that included “Landfill Salad” and “Spent Grain Bread.”

The aforementioned salad was made from vegetable scraps, such as stalks that are normally thrown away, as well as fruit that would be rejected for its appearance and the water drained from chickpeas.

Full Story Courtesy of Munchies – Vice.com 》》》》》》》》http://munchies.vice.com/articles/why-30-world-leaders-ate-a-lunch-made-out-of-trash-this-weekend 


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