Brands Connecting With Millennial Moms….

About one in four Millennials are already parents, meaning they are influencing what their families eat and are contributing to the eating patterns and habits that will guide the next generation of consumers.

However, we cannot forget that as Millennials become older, their own parents are becoming more reliant on them creating a bottom-up pyramid of influence when it comes to food and nutrition trends.

I had the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth Pivonka, the President and CEO of Produce for Better Health (PBH).  PBH has done extensive research on fruit and vegetable trends, influence, and consumption across different generations.

Although the partnership between parents today is much more balanced, according to Pivonka, moms are still responsible for the majority of time spent shopping, planning, making and cleaning up a meal for the family. This makes moms top influencers of macro and micro food trends in the home that health food brands must to pay attention to.

How she is getting her information?

Young mothers today embrace the Internet as their key information source. According to the 2014 Outlook on the Millennial Consumer Report, Millennials use online information for exposure purposes, but still value personal recommendations as a key purchase influencer. However, as the mindset for Millennial moms evolves, so does the Internet. The lines of exposure and personal recommendations blur with one another creating an overarching macro trend called Momsourcing. Momsourcing is when moms create online forums (e.g. blogs, websites) and utilize their social profiles to educate one another, share tips, product reviews, and personal experiences. Moms now have access to multiple one-stop-shops for information and personal recommendations from trusted mothers just like them. 

By Jeff Fromm Courtesy of Forbes  Full Story 》》》》                       


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