New focus on food, weed, BBQ, beer….

I haven’t posted anything here in months! My wife was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in May. Her attitude is fantastic! She had a lumpectomy performed in mid July, her surgeon said she got it all!!

So, she’s on her last week of radiation, no chemotherapy required! Already back at work!

In dealing with this I’ve decided to blog my cannabis recipes that were published in SKUNK Magazine when I was their food editor. Why? I am an outspoken advocate of cannabis legalization and taxed. Get our country part of the action in a multi billion dollar industry! No! I’m not a fucking liberal, I’m an industrialist! Besides that, the positive possibilities with weed are countless! Medicine, food, concrete, textiles, clothing, etc.!! Plus less vacancies in real estate because you need land and buildings to grow your plants.

And you can always get some seedlings or seeds to grow your own! It’s just a weed, not a rose! It can take lots of fuck ups on your sore thumb and still provide you with great intoxicating ganja or therapeutic CBD!

Anyway, we’re back baby!!



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