Weed and balls….

My balls hurt! Like when I was a kid playing little League baseball you’d sometimes get hit in the family jewels by a line drive and even though you wore a jockstrap with a cup, IT FUCKING HURT!!

I was diagnosed with epiditimitis which is swollen balls! They put me on a Dilaudid drip and a strong antibiotic! Told me to see an urine doctor! But the fucking doctor can’t get me in until Tuesday! What the fuck I’m out of the shit percoset which turns me into a monster! So I got me natural pain killer, Oaxacan Gold!

Seriously, if you’re a guy and you feel pain in your balls or stomach get it checked out!! This isn’t fun! Diarrhea, pain, sleepless nights even whilst taking poisonous narcotic analgesics!

If given a choice I always choose cannabis! It must be legalized!


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