LinkedIn & Facebook the new commie cell….

Having wasted my time with Facebook and LinkedIn proved to me that people are rubes and traitors.

Facebook, besides the constant bitching from morons who suffer with passive aggressive relationship disorder, foolish blind parents who brag about their juvenile delinquent miscreant children and women who think their pussy doesn’t stink like a sewer who would be lucky to get a date. Besides the liberal communist troglodytes and moronic vegans who would actually cast a vote for that vile war criminal Hillary Clinton.

LinkedIn is the so called business version of Facebook however the people who are on that website are totally full of shit! Most of those assholes have no investment or risk on the street and sit at a cubicle taking orders from some middle management moron. These people spout out the corporate company line kiss so much ass its fucking pathetic!

PC commonplace is the norm, phony kind words are total bullshit from these assholes and sycophants. Having many connections on LinkedIn is not equity but a communist legion of sellouts. No integrity is the order of the day!

I’m done with these two liberal rag sheets! Mentally feeling a whole lot better for saying goodbye to that communist anti American nonsense!



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