Bent Kettle Tap Room a Reality….

      Brick and mortar going to be a reality!

Having cultivated many friends and contacts throughout the years I became good friends with a guy I met on Twitter. We were tweeting about craft beer and agreed there is loads of commercially-produced swill on the market. You know the crap!! Well it turns out this guy brewed his own brews! We met and drank a few of his selections, it was great!
That was five years ago! My new found friend became my eye doctor. That’s his trade. But his dream was to brew his beers on a grander scale. Slowly he brewed his beer, I began serving it at our BBQ catering gigs and the masses loved it! We were building something here!
My friend Mark began brewing his beer on a larger micro-scale. Direct store delivery at first, then packaging in cans and in barrels. The Madison Wisconsin market loved his Bent Kettle craft beers! So, the dream was to open a Tap Room! Poof, he found a great building and space.
So, he asked me if I wanted to operate the kitchen, develop the food menu and be the general manager of the joint. Hell yeah! We are opening Bent Kettle Tap Room! Located in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin, our beers and real American local food will be available for you to enjoy! Come on by, tell us you heard about it on our website and the first beer is on me! If you have any questions give me a call at 847 361 4BBQ.
Thank God for the internet!!



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