How are we feeling now that #cannabis #weed is legalized or at least groovy again??

Yeah I admit that I’m a “head”, grew up in the 60s & 70s. Seen all the grades of #cannabis starting when I was twelve years old. The first three-finger bag or “lid” cost me my weekly allowance, $5.00 dollars! You newbies have no idea what a Thai Stick, Michuacon, Blond Lebenese hash or Columbian Punto Rojo is! We were spoiled! The friends I hung out with were two to four years older than me so I was exposed to things early in life! Shit I learned about the birds and the bees by my buddies, my dad was never around, he was busy with his goomar!

I’m a member of a #weed collective, they have a great variety of strains, hash, concentrates, you name it! And currently the pricing is awesome! So what’s the issue? We all have been yelling, marching and protesting for decades to get Michuacon legalized. Did anyone think that the government would tax us up the ass?

Sure, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and I’m on record as former food editor of SKUNK Magazine that the government should take a small share but my folks informed me that pricing will be increased by 70% fucking percent! What the fuck!

These politicians fought us for years about cannabis, lets face it its big dollars and these elected idiots are being paid off with soft donations by big pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, insurance, and banking lobbyists who hate cannabis! Our industry is either too stupid, too timid, or too poor to hire lobbyists to pay off these government abscesses. Instead NORML has a bake-sale 70s Kumbaya mentality and wouldn’t know how to “grease the wheels” to get it legalized and apparently are happy being treated like second hand citizens.



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