Bent Kettle Tap Room a Reality….

Brick and mortar going to be a reality! Having cultivated many friends and contacts throughout the years I became good friends with a guy I met on Twitter. We were tweeting about craft beer and agreed there is loads of commercially-produced swill on the market. You know the crap!! Well it turns out this guy… Continue reading Bent Kettle Tap Room a Reality….

Weed and balls….

My balls hurt! Like when I was a kid playing little League baseball you’d sometimes get hit in the family jewels by a line drive and even though you wore a jockstrap with a cup, IT FUCKING HURT!! I was diagnosed with epiditimitis which is swollen balls! They put me on a Dilaudid drip and… Continue reading Weed and balls….

Milwaukee public market sets records in 2015!

The St. Paul Fish Company area at the Milwaukee Public Market was a busy place Tuesday afternoon. The Market set records for sales and visits in 2015. Riding a wave of interest in urban living and craft foods, the now-thriving Milwaukee Public Market posted another good year in 2015, breaking records for both sales and… Continue reading Milwaukee public market sets records in 2015!

Craft brewers say new FDA nutrition labels may hinder small brewers….

Government health nannies are thirsty for a new target, and this time it’s craft beer. FDA busybodies will mandate by next December that restaurant chains offer full nutritional information for beers on tap — everything from calorie counts to protein content. The rule forces breweries to do expensive tests to keep their suds flowing at… Continue reading Craft brewers say new FDA nutrition labels may hinder small brewers….

Hey cheap ass, want free booze? Fucking pay for it!

When a customer orders a cocktail and says something like “can you put less ice in my drink?” they think that is code for “can you put more liquor in my drink?” Here is what it actually means: we are going to put less ice in your drink and you’re still going to get the… Continue reading Hey cheap ass, want free booze? Fucking pay for it!

The brewers association top brewers….

The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers—today released its annual lists of the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., based on beer sales volume. Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 42 were craft brewing companies1. “The companies on this list include the vanguard of… Continue reading The brewers association top brewers…. top 2015 list of vino….

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –, the nation’s leading online wine retailer, has announced the ninth annual 100. Highlighting the top wines purchased during the first 11 months of 2015, the 100 is the industry’s only list based exclusively on consumer preferences. The list reflects the diversity of the assortment, featuring 22 different… Continue reading top 2015 list of vino….