Bent Kettle Tap Room a Reality….

Brick and mortar going to be a reality! Having cultivated many friends and contacts throughout the years I became good friends with a guy I met on Twitter. We were tweeting about craft beer and agreed there is loads of commercially-produced swill on the market. You know the crap!! Well it turns out this guy… Continue reading Bent Kettle Tap Room a Reality….

Old sour puss….

The debate about sugar’s role in driving obesity is not only proving a growing barrier to indulging in certain foods and drinks, but also a key driver in shaping taste profiles, driving consumers away from sweet tastes and promoting interest in sour flavours. Below, Chris Brockman, Food & Drink Research Manager at Mintel, looks at… Continue reading Old sour puss….

Hidden sugars are everywhere!

It’s no secret that eating too much sugar can cause you to gain weight, leading to diabetes and a slew of un-fun health problems. Now, the FDA is recommending Americans limit their daily added-sugar intake to just 12.5 teaspoons (or 50 grams) a day. While this number may initially seem high, it is easier to… Continue reading Hidden sugars are everywhere!

For Peat’s Sake, Smoky Libations….

By Kelly Magyarics What makes a spirit smoky, and how does that affect a spirit’s character? Those were the two main questions posed by moderators Dave Broom and Ryan Chetiyawardana at “For Peat’s Sake: A Study of Smoke,” a seminar held at New Orleans’ Hotel Monteleone during the annual Tales of the Cocktail in July.… Continue reading For Peat’s Sake, Smoky Libations….

The newest pathetic excuse for not leaving a tip….

Story courtesy of the Bitchy Waiter…. As if we need to hear another excuse as to why some cheap asshole doesn’t want to leave a tip at a restaurant, we have been presented with a new reason. A server sent me a photo of a credit card card receipt and scrawled in the tip line… Continue reading The newest pathetic excuse for not leaving a tip….

The hunt for healthy dishes….

From foraged food to hunted wild game, chefs continue to explore cooking by terroir. Far different from foraging, working with game meat requires a different set of rules. In fact, USDA regulations prohibit serving meat from a personal hunting expedition in restaurants. But sourcing wild game is getting easier. While truly hunted food can only… Continue reading The hunt for healthy dishes….

How to avoid looking like a newbie at a BBQ joint….

A fellow BBQ expert reveals the secrets of ordering procedure, lingo, and etiquette that will guide you in your quest for smoked-meat glory. This blogger agrees with these barbeque standards or so called rules…. Story courtesy of and written by Daniel Vaughn (@BBQSnob) who is the Barbecue Editor at Texas Monthly and author of The… Continue reading How to avoid looking like a newbie at a BBQ joint….